We would like to introduce you to the ‘Storti‘ Business:
Since the business was set up in 2001, we have specialised in trading in noise protection and control, heavy equipment servicing and maintenance, as well as the laying down of surfaces conforming to the German Federal ‘WHG – Wasserhaushaltsgesetz’ (Water Management Legislation).
Our Firm is a neutral and independent provider and we can offer our services in Germany, throughout the E.U. and outside of the Union borders.

To give you an idea of the diversity of our services, we have briefly outlined them here:

Industrial noise protection and control in module type construction

  • Noise protection-/ control wallings
  • Noise protect-/ control cabins
  • Sound absorbers of all types (e.g. for ventilators, plant and equipment aggregates and
    conveyor belt exit ways)

The laying down of surfaces conforming to the “WHG-Water Management Legislation” (as a ‘TÜV’ State Testing Station authorised specialist business)

  • Steel sumps for the catchment and storage of water-polluting substances
  • The laying and installation of joint-sealed steel surfaces

Other services provided

  • Plant and equipment installation, servicing and maintenance routines
  • Preparation plant and equipment (e.g. of non-ferrous metals)
  • Steel building construction work
  • Installation and dismantling of machinery of all types
  • Heavy machinery servicing and maintenance for shredders, croppers and shears
  • Various welding techniques
  • and many more other services…

We would be more than happy to provide you with project planning advice, ensure proper on-site implementation and keep you up-to-date at all times on the progress of your projects.